We would like to inform you that the law firm Bycel & Fellix Attorneys at Law does not operate anymore. Daniella Fellix ,who was a part of it, established a new law firm with the name Fellix & Killen Attorneys at Law. She is presently working there with her new copartner Bryce Killen. The law firm is based in Santa Barbara.

The approach of these attorneys to all litigation is always focused on what is best for their clients and their families. Family always comes first. They own rich experience in family law and civil litigation matters and have knowledge about the legal landscape of the Santa Barbara and Carpinteria communities .
The attorneys at Fellix & Killen are dedicated to achieve the best possible outcome for all their clients while taking the time to carefully explain to them each option they have. Also, they listen to their clients because their goal is to build relationships with the clients that are based on trust. They give them a solid counsel in order to lead their matter to a smooth and positive outcome.

Bycel & Felix
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